Our Dairy Products

Our Blanc Pignon Sustainable Dairy Products range features the highest quality Jersey dairy products.

We believe all dairy farming should work with the environment and not against it, producing milk as naturally as possible, and upholding the highest ethical standards of food.

Just like Blanc Pignon’s Beef, all of our dairy products are produced in harmony with nature by our small scale family farm.  

Shop the finest Jersey Dairy Products from us or our stockists.

Our delicious Greek style Yoghurt and Kefir are the perfect breakfast bowl accompaniment.

Explore our exquisite salted or salted cultured Butter made with Jersey Sea Salt.

For the cheese-lover, you can enjoy our delicious Moolloumi (Jersey Halloumi), made with Jersey Sea Salt, either plain, with Lemon, with Mint or with Chilli and Jersey Honey. Fabulous grilled or griddled and enjoyed as is or in a salad. 

You can also try our Lebanese mezze style Shankleesh Cheese. A strained yoghurt based cheese rolled in Zatar containing oregano, thyme sumac and toasted sesame seeds amongst other herbs. Delicious.