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Grass Fed / Well Bred

Blanc Pignon Beef Fillet

Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm is proud to offer our fabulous grass-fed Beef. Our Home bred Pure Jersey and Jersey Wagyu cattle are sustainably reared on our farm, thriving on a diet of natural Jersey grasses and Forage. You can’t get more local than this!

Our Pure bred Jersey and Jersey Wagyu cows are slowly grown to maturity. We prioritise farming in harmony with nature to ensure consistent, exceptional tasting Jersey and F1 Jersey Wagyu Beef with outstanding marbling. Each piece of meat that we cut has been raised naturally, and lived the best possible stress-free life, free from growth promoters, hormones and cruelty.

Our grass-fed Beef is hung on the Bone for a minimum of 4 weeks to enhance the depth of flavour. All of our grass-fed Beef is prepared with care in our small family run butchery by our experienced passionate artisan Butcher.

Discover Blanc Pignon’s range of grass-fed Beef. Indulge in our exceptionally tender range of grass-fed Steaks, Roasting Joints and Slow Cooking meats. Try out our delicious 6oz Jersey or Jersey Wagyu Burgers, or buy our rich, lean grass-fed mince for making your own.

As we believe in zero waste and utilising the whole animal from nose to tail, our range of grass-fed offal products like Ox Liver, Oxtail and Beef Cheeks are a delicious addition to any recipe.

Understanding where our products come from, knowing how it has lived and why it has been farmed are the pillars that hold our business up.

Blanc Pignon Beef Cote de Boeuf
Blanc Pignon Beef Sirloin

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