Our Kefir 500ml is the ultimate probiotic. Full of flavour and billions of beneficial bacteria, our Kefir is the key for great gut health.

We feed our authentic Kefir cultures daily with a 24 hour fermentation cycle. Unlike in supermarkets where you find a diluted version of the real thing, our Kefir is a live product and continues to ferment when bottled, this means that it can separate and carbonate in the fridge. Gently shake before slowly opening and don’t be surprised by a little fizz!

Our Kefir comes in three variations; Natural, Vanilla & Jersey Honey and Coconut & Jersey Honey.

Drink on its own or add a little to your morning breakfast bowl. Kefir is also a great addition to your baking, similar to cultured buttermilk.


Price: from £4.40