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The Finest Artisan Jersey Farm Produce.

Blanc Pignon Jersey Cow Lineup


Founded in 1942, Blanc Pignon Dairy  Farm is a destination for Dairy Products and meat that is produced as sustainably and in harmony with nature as possible. 

Our ethics and values are deep-rooted to the core of our business. We passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown with respect for nature. Our principles have not changed for years and you can rest assured that we will continue to produce food that you can trust completely.

Permanent Pasture

Grassland forms a vital part of our countryside. For centuries it has been the principal food source for cattle. Fields of grass provide most nutritional components an animal needs. Our fields contain a variety of other plant species including herbs, wildflowers, and clovers. Rich in essential vitamins and minerals our grasses not only provide incredible healthy nutrition but also support a diverse range of insects and wildlife.

We believe that the way consumption of meat has changed over the last 50 to 100 years is unsustainable. In the past, when an animal was raised for slaughter, the whole animal would be utilised, from fats turned into candles, skins and coats into clothing and meat for the table from trotter to snout. In such a short space of time we have lost our respect for the life of the animal and instead meat has become a homogenised commodity, a ‘cheap’ ingredient used as a filler in convenience food, and as such consumption has increased, food waste has increased and welfare has decreased.

We believe that when it comes to meat it is vital to eat meat produced in harmony with nature, with respect for the animal and respect for the planet, if this means, due to affordability, that you eat one quality meat meal a week instead of 7 meat meals using factory farmed meat, the better it is for your health, the health of the planet and the health of those animals.

We utilise the whole carcass from nose to tail and ensure nothing is ever wasted. We encourage our customers to try something a little different, to think outside the box and realise the true value of the food you are eating.We believe that when we do eat meat it is important to ensure it has been produced in a way that has respect for the animal, respect for the farmer and respect for the landscape.

Blanc Pignon Jersey Cows
Blanc Pignon Black Butter Gelato

Our Products

Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm is a family run farm which started in 1942. The Herd moved to the premises at Brookfield Farm in 1952 and then into the new purpose built buildings in 1968, where they still currently reside.

After many years of proudly supplying Jersey Dairy, with their kind permission, we decided it was time to add something new to our Farm, making a small range of artisanal Dairy products. We launched this in June 2021

All of our milk is from our own beloved herd of Jersey Cows; and the milk we use for all of our products is Pasteurised, but is not Homogenised.

Our Packaging

If we had it our way, we’d do away with packaging altogether, but to get our food to you in perfect condition we need to protect it. We have spent a lot of time, over many cups of tea, working out the best way to send out our lovely products to you. We have considered and tested many options to find the best solution that keeps your food at the perfect temperature, reduces your food waste, is easy and convenient to store and importantly doesn’t harm our beautiful environment.

As a result the majority of our packaging is either compostable or Recyclable glass.  

Some products however need to get to you safely and securely and do require specific packaging and we know many of you are not able to recycle as much of it as you would like. We are sure you would rather be safe in the knowledge that the product is safe to eat!

We are continually looking at ways to update our packaging however.

Blanc Pignon Kefir